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Our mission is to educate, entertain and enlighten our young and young-at-heart viewers with original and professionally produced programming that will engage them in a variety of ways.

Channel 46: ‘CALLING ALL KIDS’

‘Calling All Kids’ is an in-house television channel designed to appeal to children, young adults, and our young-at-heart viewers. Programming consists of over 100 stories read by authors, doctors, nurses and volunteers. Calling All Kids is designed to comfort our viewers and to provide a welcome distraction from the daily routine and stress of a hospital stay.

Future programming will feature stories read by celebrities as well as other famous authors.

Channeling the Storyteller in All of Us

Imagine sick children, sitting in a treatment room, waiting for a shot or stitches. Then imagine being able to take their minds off these scary medical procedures by reading a beautifully-illustrated story. That’s what the Calling All Kids (formerly Story Hour) does for young patients at the Morristown Medical Center. All day, every day — in treatment rooms, waiting rooms, patient rooms, and especially the Children’s Center — patients can tune in and see their own doctors, nurses, hospital staff and volunteers read a favorite children’s book. Read more... 
-Donna Liu,Director Marketing for TelVue